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Social Action: Joseph Kony 2012

Joseph Kony is the most wanted criminal in the world today. One reason why the video below has been viewed over 77 million times. He is abducting children in Africa to either serve in his army or to become sex slaves. He forces these children to kill their own parents. The goal of Invisible Children is to capture Joseph Kony by 12/31/2012. Let’s achieve this goal and make the invisible children, visible. Below is an emotional video that details the story.


Social Action:

  1. Sign the petition in support here
  2. Forward this info/video to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.
  3. Order the Joseph Kony Kit here; note Kit comes free if you donate $15 or more per month – however kit supplies are limited right now
  4. Contact your senator letting him/her know you care
  5. Hit the streets on 4/20
  6. Donate to Invisible Children fund
  7. Pray