Erik Qualman

CEO and Founder

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Qualman is a Pulitzer Prize Nominated author of several best-selling books on digital trends and pop culture. Some consider him the Tony Robbins of Tech and he has performed in 44 countries. Fail Fast, Fail Forward, Fail Better.

What is the LinkedIn Long Game

What is the LinkedIn Long Game Why: Playing the long game will result in more sales over time. How: As alluded to earlier, if you’re at a cocktail party and walked up to four people that were laugh…

Why Spammers Never Prosper

Spammers Never Prosper Why: Do you like spam? No. So why would you send spam? Don’t. How: Now that we have armed you with the amazing tool, LinkedIn, think of it as the world’s first hammer—the wor…

How To: Posting-It-Forward

Why: Posting-It-Forward will make you and others feel better. People will want to help you. How: You have heard the expression pay it forward: performing good deeds without expecting something in r…