Anand Srivastava
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Anand Srivastava is an entrepreneur, internet marketing expert, owner of emoji keyboard and a technocrat. After completing his Master’s in Business Administration, Anand took over the internet as one of the leading business leaders— across the country. He started off with many joint ventures— including news creation, digital marketing models, technical setups and even e-commerce. He is currently working on some of his individual projects and making giant strides when it comes to success and recognition. Anand is also involved with some of the leading online portals as a guest writer— offering marketing and technological knowhow to the aspirants. He is a motivated individual and has planned to expand his nation-wide business setup to the global shores. In the next few years, Anand is expected to create a social media marketing empire of his own while indulging in the nooks and crannies of global retail. Anand’s technological prowess courtesy his educational background has inspired him to take blogging as a leisure. He is slowly entering the world of YouTube for educating enthusiasts about online marketing, SEM, SEO and even Video editing principles.