Ria Katiyar
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Hello, My name is Ria Katiyar and I’m a React Native Developer at Appinventiv, which is a Web and Mobile App Development company in USA. I have contributed to designing and developing of mobile applications for businesses of all sizes and from all the backgrounds across the globe, including Real Estate, Healthcare, Entertainment, Social Media, On-demand, e-Scooter, Retail, Finance, Travel, and Enterprise. I specialize in building apps using Objective-C, Swift, React Native and various other programming languages and technologies and strive to craft the finest, innovative and futuristic mobile solutions for the startups and established brands. Besides, I’m a coffee lover and a traveler who loves to explore every corner of the world and get inspiration from God’s creations. To know more about me or see how I can help you, connect me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Industries That IoT Will Disrupt

Industries That IoT Will Disrupt To many of us, IoT is still a queer term to comprehend and people feel alien to it. However, we don’t realize that it is not a new concept, even if the term may fee…