Erik Qualman

CEO and Founder

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Qualman is a Pulitzer Prize Nominated author of several best-selling books on digital trends and pop culture. Some consider him the Tony Robbins of Tech and he has performed in 44 countries. Fail Fast, Fail Forward, Fail Better.

How to Export Contacts into Email

Why Let’s face it—not everyone is as responsive on LinkedIn as you are. Never fear, there is a secret way to get the email addresses of any of your LinkedIn connections. How Go to:…

The 4 Commandments of Social Selling

Why: 78% of social sellers outsell peers that don’t use social media.[i] Whether you are a LinkedIn Newbie or Pro, you always need to start and continually revisit the basics and your baseline. How…

Navigating the LinkedIn Boss Button

Why: LinkedIn’s default settings will automatically share your activity updates with your connections. Activity updates include listing a new job, new skill or a change in your location, etc. While…